Covid-19 Ski Insurance Cover

It is very understandable that many winter sports enthusiasts are hesitant about booking their winter ski holiday this forthcoming season. As a catered chalet company, we are experiencing the nervousness of our repeated clientele to make their annual reservation which is fully understandable. Many people lost money last ski season or throughout the summer due to booking holidays and not being able to take them. So in this uncertain time, why would book a ski holiday we potentially will not be able to take?


Earlier in the year, we offered clients a full refund of their deposit if they were uncomfortable with Covid-19. People have now started to request the refund which leaves small businesses in a very precarious position going forward. Having taken responsibility to refund the client gave initial confidence but now it is the crunch time, that confidence has sunk.

Next Attempt…..

Currently in lock down here in the alps, it was time to find an insurance company who would negate our risk as a business and also offer comfort and reassurance to our clients and other winter sports enthusiasts. One of the best companies that we have found is

Subject to your choice of package, you can be covered for the following:
  • Travelling against UK Foreign Office advice
  • Catching Covid prior to your trip and unable to go
  • Denied boarding the plane due to having Covid
  • Medical costs for Covid if caught whilst abroad
  • Medical and Repatriation
  • Cancel or if your trip is cut short
  • Missed departure
  • Travel delay

Ski Insurance cover stated above is a summary of what is on offer and you should read the T&C’s within the policy. We would be very happy for feedback or any other questions you may have regarding the policy which may make you apprehensive about booking your ski holiday.

Now book your Ski Chalet in Chatel

Ski chalets in Chatel
Ski chalets in Chatel

Although we can never make any guarantees as to what will happen and we sincerely hope that you never have to use your insurance, we feel that this is a great offer of ski insurance which should gratify your requirements. We obviously accept no responsibility and have no financial arrangement with Ski Cover, but merely wish to assist you as our clients and potential clients as best we can.

Thank you :-)