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What does Brexit mean to many overseas businesses like mine? Primarily a reduction in income or turnover. As a business who has priced in £ sterling for the past 12 years, it is a consideration if we can afford to keep taking the risk. Is it time to start pricing in Euro and let the punter take the risk of higher or lower ski holidays.

Many questions are raised with the fluctuation of the currency situation due to the recent Brexit vote. It certainly is not in favour of those travelling abroad and having endured the recent recession and come through, we are now back there following the UK Brexit vote. The £ sterling is not buying you many beers abroad anymore!

Whilst there will be winners due to a weak pound, the British ski industry will inevitably suffer. I would imagine that the option to ski in the USA has also been hampered by a super strong dollar, which to be honest, helps us here in Euro land. During the recession and the weak pound, it was noticed that clients did not necessarily stop skiing, but were certainly more cautious with their spending money…..apart from when it came to the bar and ordering beers. I am sure they would rather miss lunch as long as they could afford the apres ski revelling 😉 People will give up summer holidays for their ski holiday, and as seen recently, the UK is making great inroads in keeping Brits in Britain for the Summer.

The past couple of years of poor snow fall in Europe has not helped business this year for many. Christmas and New Year are usually booked well in advance of Summer, but this year, many hotels and chalets are struggling to fill either. Chatel is blessed to have a fantastic snow record and therefore can boast to being open for the past 2 years where as many resorts cannot. Unfortunately people are naive and look at altitude, so are by passing this great place.

Chatel is probably around 40-50% cheaper in the main than most other major ski resorts such as Chamonix, 3 Valles, Val D’Isere and of course all Swiss resorts! It is also a gem of a place with access to the largest ski area in the world. Catered chalet holidays allow you to keep within a budget also, and guaranteed to have a great time with a list of ectras included. Plus no shopping cleaning and cooking required by you!! lol

The snow this weekend is estimated to be 80cms here in Chatel. A great start to the season and fantastic for the Albedo effect. It has been cold and wet recently also, so excellent for the snow sticking and creating a great base for the off piste skiers amongst you.

Brexit is a unknown and how it will affect business or residency in the future of so many British businesses, remains to be seen, but irrespective, Alpinebreaks will not be going anywhere soon…..we love it and if we didnt have a mortgage, would do it for free lol 😉